SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

Multivariate statistical operations:
 A = MAHAL    Mahalanobis' distances etc. 
 B = CLASSI   Classification of observations 
 C = RELIAB   Reliabilities of factor images (by Kimmo Vehkalahti) 
 D = LSCAL    Multidimensional least-squares scaling & related methods 
 E = TRAN1    Transformation analysis with various restrictions 
 F = POSDIR   Orientation of matrix columns to "positive" direction 
 G = DIST     Dissimilarity matrices of observations based on various measures 
 H = DISTV    Dissimilarity matrices of variables based on various measures 
 I = MNSIMUL  Creating multivariate normal samples by simulation 
 J = MNTEST   Testing multivariate normality 
 K = STATMSF  (with VALUES) empirical P values from simulated data 
 L = HCLUSTER Hierachical cluster analysis (by Fredrik Åberg) 
 M = MULTVAR  Variability measure for multivariate data 
 N = CORRMV   Means, std.devs, and correlations from incomplete data 
 O = CORRTEST Testing correlations by randomization principle 

 X = Multivariate statistical analysis 

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