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Reliability of measurement scales 

Reliability, which is defined as the ratio of the true variance to the
total variance, is an important property of measurement. In order to
estimate the reliability, the concepts of measurement model and
measurement scale are required. The model specifies the structure of
the measurement, and the scale, which is a combination of the measured
items, represents a realization of the theoretical notions.

The reliability estimation is based on the general measurement framework
introduced by Tarkkonen (1987) and further studied by Vehkalahti (2000),
Tarkkonen & Vehkalahti (2005) and Vehkalahti & Puntanen & Tarkkonen (2007).

  1 = Sucro /RELIAB (most typical measurement scales) 
  2 = RELIAB operation (any given measurement scales) 
  3 = Examples 
  4 = References 

  M = More information on factor analysis and other multivariate analyses 

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