SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

Text file processing in Survo:

  1 = Browsing and loading parts of text files (SHOW) 
  2 = Saving edit lines as a text file (SAVEP) 
  3 = Loading text files into the edit field (LOADP) 
  4 = Saving text files in Survo data files (FILE SAVE) 
  5 = Loading Survo data files into text files (FILE LOAD <data> TO <text>) 
  6 = LIST operations 
  7 = TXT operations for text files 
  8 = Searching for data tables in text files (DATAFIND by K.Vehkalahti) 
  9 = Transposing a data set in a text file (TRANSPOSE) 

  T = More information on text editing 

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