SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

SHOW <file name>,<first line to be shown (optional)> 
shows portions of edit files and text files in a temporary window
below the current line (SHOW line). The text may be scrolled in that
window and selected lines may be copied in the edit field from
the line below the SHOW line onwards, provided that those lines are

SHOW without any parameters displays the contents of the current out-
put file set by the OUTPUT operation.
SHOW * displays the current edit field itself.    (See also SHOWKEYS?) 

SHOW <file name>,<first line>,n
works as SHOW above but shows at least n lines. Maximum number of
lines shown depends on the size of the current Survo main window.

If n is not given, the number of lines of the SHOW window is given
by the system parameter show_lines in the SURVO.APU file.
This parameter can be set for the current session by the command
SYSTEM show_lines=n
The default setting is show_lines=0 and then SHOW without the n
parameter shows as many lines as there is place in the current
main window below the SHOW command line.

By default, 100000 first lines of a text files can be shown by SHOW.
This limit is exteded when necessary by giving
in the SURVO.APU file.

If the file to be shown is an edit file, the first line can also be
given by a symbolic label (appearing in the control column).

The first line can also be specified by a text appearing on that line
and this applies also to text files.
For example,
SHOW <Survo>\U\SYS\PS.DEV,"PostScript_file"
displays lines of the Survo PostScript driver (it is a text file) from
the first line containing text
PostScript file

The string is given in double quotes and spaces are replaced by '_'s.

SHOW <edit or text file name> / SHOWLOAD=L1,L2 
loads lines from L1 to L2 from the file directly to the current edit
field. The output starts from the edit line below the command line.

If there are not enough empty lines available, SHOW prompts the user
to accept insertion of them. By giving a specification INSERT=1 
empty lines are automatically inserted.

The line labels can be numerical, symbolic (in edit files), or
indicated by texts given in double quotes.
SHOW CHAPTER1 / SHOWLOAD=A-1,"continued_in_the_next_paragraph."

Code conversion from Windows text files to Survo mode is carried out by
the specification WINCONV=1.

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