SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

FILE SAVE <text file>,<Survo data file> 
or FILE SAVE <text file> TO <Survo data file> 
adds contents of a text file (or a part of it) to a Survo data file.
If <Survo data file> exists, it is deleted before copying by
FILE SAVE <text file> TO NEW <Survo data file>.

FILE SAVE have two main working modes:
  1 = Automatic conversion (simple alternative) 
  2 = Conversion with a FIELDS list with various options 

  L = Limits of FILE SAVE 
  S = Space allocation in FILE SAVE 

See also:
  M = Saving a matrix file in a Survo data file (FILE SAVE MAT) 

  C = TXTCONV for text file processing and modifications 
  T = TXTRIM for making line lengths equal in a text file 

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