SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

The editor of Survo provides several means for word processing.
When typing text in the edit field the typewriter keys operate as in a
standard typewriter.
In text editing various control keys have their natural functions.
For example, characters and lines are inserted and deleted by simple key
strokes. The cursor is moved by the arrow keys. (See KEYS)
  1 = Clearing the edit field (CLEAR,SCRATCH,DELETE,ERASE)
  2 = Searching and replacing (FIND,REPLACE,VFIND)
  3 = Formatting (TRIM,FORM,PUTEND)
  4 = Moving parts of the edit field||(MOVE,COPY,INSERT,CHANGE,UPDATE,TEXTCOLS
  5 = Printing (PRINT)              || REVERSE)
  6 = Loading edit files and text files to the edit field (LOAD,LOADP,SHOW)
  7 = Saving the edit field in an edit file (SAVE) in a text file (SAVEP)
  8 = Code conversion (CONVERT)
  C = Control operations
  H = Hypertext applications
  T = Text file processing
  F = Character fonts
  W = LST commands for processing lists of 'words' in the edit field
  L = Lukunopeuden ja luettavuuden mittaaminen (LUE) (in Finnish)
  E = More information on EDITOR

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