SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

Making hypertext applications in Survo

The inquiry (help) system is a hypertext. One can activate any word
in the edit field by the key combination F2 F1. If the word is a valid
keyword, the inquiry system will display information related to it.
While reading help text, one can also move the cursor, indicate another
keyword and activate an inquiry for it by ESC (or F2 F1), etc.
All the help texts are stored in edit files on the path defined by
the system parameter qpath in the SURVO.APU file.
This path (and the help texts) can be changed by the QPATH command.

Thus it is possible to create and maintain several hypertexts related
to any topic by the same method as we are doing in the inquiry system
of Survo.
To see how the edit files are organized in order to support help
texts and menus, study the edit files of the help system, please.
The Survo help system resides on the path <Survo>\Q .

  H = Creating HTML applications in Survo 
  T = More information on text processing 

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