SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

FILE management in Survo:

  1 = General information 
  2 = FILE CREATE, FILE MAKE (creating a data file) 
  3 = FILE SHOW, FILE EDIT, FILE MEDIT (input and editing of data values) 
  4 = FILE ACTIVATE, FILE MASK (selecting active and protected fields) 
  5 = FILE STATUS   (displaying the structure of the data file) 
  6 = FILE UPDATE   (defining more variables, for example) 
  7 = FILE LOAD     (copying data file in edit field or text file) 
  8 = FILE SAVE     (copying text file in data file) 
  9 = FILE COPY, FILE SELECT, FILE EXPAND (copying data files) 
  S = FILE SORT     (sorting observations) 
  I = FILE INIT     (adding missing observations) 
  A = FILE AGGRE    (combining observations as sums or means) 
  B = FILE AGGR     (conditional statistics within aggregates) 
  D = FILE DEL      (deleting a data file) 
  C = FILE REDUCE   (deleting fields and observations) 
  V = VAR           (transformation of fields/variables) 

  R = Representation of statistical data 
  E = General information on Survo 

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