SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

Survo supports several forms of data in statistical analysis.
The data sets to be processed may be either in Survo data files or
located in the edit field.
All forms listed below are valid as input data. However, when saving
derived variables like residuals in regression analysis or making
transformed variables (by VAR operation, for example), type 4 or
5 is required.
The FILE COPY operation can be used to move data of types 1-4 to
a Survo data file.
  1 = Small sample as a list of data values in the edit field 
  2 = Data matrix in the edit field (without line labels) 
  3 = Data matrix in the edit field (without mask line) 
  4 = Data matrix in the edit field (general form) 
  5 = Data file 
  6 = Matrix file 
  D = Data values in editorial computing 
  C = Selecting variables and observations 
  F = File management (FILE COPY etc.) 
  T = Multiway tables (TAB operations) 
  M = Matrices (MAT operations) 
  S = Statistical operations 

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