SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

Special features of PostScript printers in PLOT operations:
Specification DEVICE=PS must be given.
The unit step in plotting is 0.1 mm (1 dmm).
Maximum size: SIZE=1950,2800  (with HOME=70,100) on A4 paper
Defaults: SIZE=1500,1500 HOME=250,100 XDIV=3,10,2 YDIV=3,10,2

To save the graph in a picture file, enter specification
The picture file may later be be included in any report by
using the - picture option in the PRINT operation (see PRINT?).

The default device driver in SURVO.APU must be plot_dev=PS.DEV
or corresponding. This can be overridden by INCLUDE=PS.DEV

  C = Control codes for PostScript plotting 
  T = Moving and rotating texts in PostScript plots 
  P = More information on PostScript printing 
  G = More information on plotting 

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