Environment for creative processing of text and numerical data


History and present of Survo

Survo has an outstanding history, since the first Survo was in use already in the 1960s. The current SURVO MM is compatible with its predecessors SURVO 84C and SURVO 98, as the editorial interface and the file structures are identical. The new Survo takes a more efficient use of the possibilities of Windows, especially in graphics.

Survo has developed from a statistical program of 1960s to a general computing environment. Its current application areas include, for example:

  • text processing and spreadsheet calculations
  • presentation and statistical graphics
  • making of printed publications and web pages
  • automation of repeating reports
  • large data base management
  • statistical computing and analysis
  • numerical computing, matrix interpreter
  • programming of expert applications
  • creating teaching programs

This short presentation tells about the history and present of Survo, as well as the principles of its implementation. The pictures appearing on the pages are plotted with Survo, many of them originally decades ago.

Graph: Influence curves for correlation coefficient (S.Mustonen 1990), see also Survo book pp. 289-290 and Survo Graphics gallery.
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