SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

                                                         M.Korhonen 1992
With the MTAB operation you can construct a quite large range of  
tables for frequencies, means and other descriptive statistics.

The general form of the MTAB operation is

MTAB <data>,L
VARIABLES or IVARIABLES=<list of object variables> 
GROUPING=<list of grouping variables> 
<definitions for grouping variables> 
COL=<column layout>  ROW=<row layout> 
OPTIONS=<options for statistics> 

The parameter L (optional) gives the starting line for the results in
the edit field. Variables, for which means or other statistics are to be
computed, are listed in VARIABLES or IVARIABLES specification. The
latter is used for dichotomous object variables. The GROUPING
specification defines variables that are used as grouping (class)
variables. The final layout of the tables may defined by COL and ROW
MTAB operation
Further information:
  1 = Using default layout (COL AND ROW specif. missing) 
  2 = ROW and COL specifications 
  3 = Definition of the grouping structure 
  4 = OPTIONS specification (statistics, total classes) 
  5 = printing formats and column widths 
  6 = dichotomous object variables (IVARIABLES specification) 
  D = More on data analysis 

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