SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

SURVO MM is the Windows version of Survo.

SURVO MM is compatible with SURVO 84C (and SURVO 98). Thus, in general, all
operations, functions, and data structures (edit fields, data and matrix
files), sucros etc. working in earlier Survo systems are valid in SURVO MM as

 1 = Technical structure of SURVO MM 
 2 = Edit fields in SURVO MM 
 3 = Data and matrix files in SURVO MM 
 4 = Capacity of statistical operations 
 5 = Sucros in SURVO MM 
 6 = Using the mouse 
 7 = Screen graphics 
 8 = Soft buttons 
 9 = Using the Survo and Windows clipboards 
 M = Multiple sessions 

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