SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

MOVREG <data>                                         / K.Vehkalahti 1994,1998
performs moving linear regression analysis by orthogonalization
(based on singular value decomposition).

The model is specified by activating variables with Y and X's.
The constant term is omitted by setting CONSTANT=0.
The span length must be specified by SPAN=<#obs>.

The following masks for output variables may be used:
  R: residuals,
  P: predicted values,
  r: squared multiple correlations (R^2)
  V: residual variances
  B: regression coefficients
  S: standard errors of the regression coefficients
  T: t-values (regr.coeffs/stderrs)
The number of B's, S's and T's must be the same as the number of
the parameters in the model (the X-variables and the constant).

  R = More information on regression analysis 

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