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Sucros for composite plots 
There are no complicated plots, just combinations of simple ones. For example,
a box plot is a scatter diagram consisting of points that are connected with
lines. The PLOT operations include a plenty of general options, such as POINT
and LINE, which allow creating a wide range of different types of graphs.
Putting the pieces together using the sucro language (see SUCROS?) provides
an efficient way for making new graphs as composite plots.
The following sucros work on this basis:

  1 = /BOXPLOT plots vertical/horizontal side by side box plots 
  2 = /JITPLOT creates a jittered scatter plot of two variables 
  3 = /MDRAFTS plots a draftsman's display by groups with a legend 
  4 = /BARPLOT plots a bar chart with varying color intensities 
  5 = /CRPLOT creates a two-dimensional correspondence plot 
  6 = /DCONTOUR plots a scatter diagram with contour ellipses by groups 
  7 = /SCATPLOT creates a scatterplot matrix with various options 

  P = More information on plotting in general 

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