SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

LIST COUNT,<Survo_list>,<phrases_name> 
PHRASES <phrases>:
<phrase 1> 
<phrase 2> 

counts the frequencies of given phrases (strings) in <Survo_list> 
and writes the results as a column of frequencies after phrases.

By default LIST COUNT equates upper and lower case letters.
To make it work in a case-sensitive way, insert an extra
parameter `C' as follows:
LIST COUNT,<Survo_list>,<phrases_name>,C

Hyphenated words (as Fin-
land) divided into two consecutive lines are connected (as Finland)
by default (HYPHENS=1). To ignore hyphenating, set HYPHENS=0 .

Counting may be restricted to selected columns by the specification
COLS=C1,C2 .
Default is the entire edit line without the control column, i.e. C1=1 .
For example, by COLS=0,0 only control characters are considered.

Also keywords, strings, and phrases with shadow characters in specific
positions are observed.

The following `general' phrases are available:
                       Frequency of
#chapters              chapters in the current Survo list
#records               blocks separated by one ore more empty lines
#lines                 edit lines (empty lines included)
#words                 strings separated by ` 's or line ends
#integers              integer numbers
#numbers               numbers (integers and decimal numbers)
#characters            all characters (trailing spaces not included)
#spaces                spaces (trailing spaces not included)
#digits                digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
#letters               letters ( included)
#special characters    #characters-#spaces-#digits-#letters

The above features as well as certain other options are illustrated by
activating /LCDEMO

  L = More information on LIST operations 

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