SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

LIST SHOW <name_of_list> 
opens a temporary window below the current (LIST SHOW) line and displays
the contents of the edit fields belonging to the list. The lines (and
columns) may be scrolled in that window in the same way as the edit
field is scrolled on the screen. The user sees the text belonging to
the list as one contiguos stream of lines. The changes of the fields
are indicated by extra header lines telling the edit file and chapter.

Various searches of strings over the entire list are initiated by
the SEARCH (alt-F5) key. More information while staying in LIST SHOW
is obtained by the HELP (F1) key. The S key tells about search options.
The search with a previous keyword can be restarted by pressing ESC (twice).

works with the list used most recently by LIST SHOW.

In the LIST SHOW mode, the text in the list (edit fields) cannot be
edited. However, by means of a /LIST sucro, an interplay between
the LIST SHOW mode and the standard editorial mode can be arranged.
The sucro command
/LIST <name_of_list> 
calls the corresponding LIST SHOW operation. On exit from LIST SHOW,
the last edit field shown by LIST SHOW is loaded automatically and
the cursor indicates the same place as it was pointing at in LIST SHOW.
The user can edit the field and save it normally. By activating
/LIST * (this could be defined as a macro), FILE SHOW is called again
and it immediately gives the same display as in the previous call.
In this way, even very long reports are maintained easily.

The sucro command
lists (through LIST SHOW) all the text belonging to the inquiry (help)
system of Survo.

  L = More information on LIST operations 

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