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Any character font in the current Windows environment can be used in
SURVO MM screen plots.
Names of available fonts and text samples using them is obtained
by activating the sucro command
Any text item in the graph can be given with a [FONT(font_name,size)]
code attribute. For example, using the "Times New Roman" font of size 20 in the
plot header and in `red' color and in italics can be indicated by


Please note that spaces must be replaced by '_'s in these notations.
All code attributes for screen plotting are defined in the CRT16.DEV text file
(in directory <Survo>\U\SYS).

For compability with earlier Survos and PostScript plotting CRT16.DEV includes
shorthand ready-made definitions like (this equals to the above HEADER):


Similarly [TimesB(12)] is the same as [FONT(Times_New_Roman,12)][BOLD].

GPLOT /FRAME  / Load the setup by '+' and activate this line!
HEADER=Various_fonts_in_Survo_screen_graphics:_(This_is_[NORMAL]) FRAME=0
MODE=EGA Width=640 Height=350-Gap Gap=20
R1=Height-1*Gap R5=Height-5*Gap R9=Height-9*Gap
R2=Height-2*Gap R6=Height-6*Gap R10=Height-10*Gap
R3=Height-3*Gap R7=Height-7*Gap R11=Height-11*Gap
R4=Height-4*Gap R8=Height-8*Gap R12=Height-12*Gap
T1=[Times(10)],[Times(10)],Gap,R1   S1=[Swiss(10)],[Swiss(10)],Width/2,R1
T2=[Times(15)],[Times(15)],Gap,R2   S2=[Swiss(13)],[Swiss(13)],Width/2,R2
T3=[Times(20)],[Times(20)],Gap,R3   S3=[Swiss(17)],[Swiss(17)],Width/2,R3
T4=[Times(25)],[Times(25)],Gap,R4-9 S4=[Swiss(22)],[Swiss(22)],Width/2,R4
C1=[Courier(10)],[Courier(10)],Gap,R5 C2=[Courier(12)],[Courier(12)],8*Gap,R5

  G = More information on GPLOT 

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