SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

SURVO MM supports graphical operations
 PLOT  on PostScript printers (PS)
 GPLOT in the screen graphics.

A PostScript printer is ideal for producing plots of high quality and
for making multipage documents with graphical illustrations (see option
- picture in PRINT?).
PostScript files made by Survo can also be printed by means of various
Windows programs (like GSview and Adobe Acrobat) on any Windows printer.

Plots on the screen are useful when planning graphical illustrations
and in interactive graphics.
Since the screen plots can be saved on the disk as enhanced metafiles, also
sequences of pictures and overlays of them may be created.

The PLOT operation and the GPLOT operation are almost
identical in most applications. When a plotting scheme has to be
transferred from the screen to printers or plotters or vice versa, it is usually
question of changing PLOT to GPLOT and adjusting some dimension
parameters (like SIZE) only.
Often such adjustments can be avoided by using specification MODE=PS in
GPLOT plotting schemes.

  P = More information on plotting (PLOT) 
  S = Special properties of PostScript printers (PLOT with DEVICE=PS) 
  G = Special properties of screen graphics (GPLOT) 

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