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Certain standard PostScript fonts with all possible font sizes are defined
in PS.DEV and available by control words
 [TIMES(x)]     Times-Roman, x point text, x can have any positive value.
 [TIMESB(x)]    Times-Bold        [TIMESI(x)]    Times-Italic
 [TIMESBI(x)]   Times-BoldItalic
 [SWISS(x)]     Helvetica         [SWISSB(x)]    Helvetica-Bold
 [SWISSO(x)]    Helvetica-Oblique [SWISSBO(x)]   Helvetiva-BoldOblique
 [COURIER(x)]   Courier           [COURIERB(x)]  Courier-Bold
 [COURIERO(x)]  Courier-Oblique   [COURIERBO(x)] Courier-BoldOblique
 [ZAPF(x)]      ZapfChancery-MediumItalic
 [ZAPFD]        ZapfDingbats (size according to last font selection)
 [SYMBOL]       Symbol       (size according to last font selection)
More fonts can be defined similarly (see PS.DEV).
The shadow values 1=Bold and 6=Italic (or Oblique) determine the actual
PostScript font according to the last font type selected.

  F = Additional fonts in PSFONTS.DV2 
  T = Adjusting lines according to current font 
  P = More information on PostScript printing/plotting 

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