SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

The default PostScript printer is selected in SURVO.APU by
printer="<Windows name of a PostScript printer>"
Example: printer="HP LaserJet 4M Plus"

Names of valid printers are in the list of Windows printers available
in the current installation (Start->Settings->Printers),
or you can list them to the edit field e.g. by the command

PRINT L1,L2 uses the default PostScript printer.
PRINT L1,L2 TO "<Windows name of a PostScript printer>"
redirects the output to another PostScript printer.
PRINT L1,L2 TO <file> 
merely creates a PostScript file. This file can be printed also by any
(non-PostScript) Windows printer by means of various Windows programs
like Ghostscript or Adobe Acrobat (Distiller).

  G = Printouts and previews by Ghostscript and Acrobat Reader 
  A = Printouts and previews by Adobe Acrobat 
  P = PRINT operation 
  S = New system parameters 

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