SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

MOVE xyz   (x,y,z stand for any distinct special characters)
copies a rectangular array indicated by x in the left upper corner
and y in the right lower corner to a place indicated by z so that
x will be copied on z.
A usually simpler method for moving blocks of rectangular shape is
to press key BLOCK and follow instructions given on the bottom line.

MOVE L1,L2,C1,C2 FROM <text or edit file> TO L,C
copies a rectangular array from a text or edit file to the current edit
field. The array to be copied consists of lines L1-L2 and columns C1-C2.
C1 and C2 are optional (default entire lines). The left upper corner
of the array will be copied to line L and column C in the edit field
(C being optional with default value 1).

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