SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

/TRIMP L1,L2,<line_width>,<font_type> 
trims lines L1-L2 according to <font_type> for desired <line_width>.
Allowed font types are Times, Swiss, AvantGarde, Bookman, NewCentury,
Palatino and ZapfChancery (Only initials required).
Font size in points is given after the type in parentheses.
<line_width> is given in picas (1 pica = 1/12 inches).
Examples: /TRIMP CUR+1,END,42,Bookman(10)
          /TRIMP 60,Times  / default size is 12 points

The corresponding line width is selected in PRINT operation by
the control word [trim(W)] where W has the same value as
<line_width> above.

  1 = Text fonts in printing and plotting 
  2 = More on TRIM commands 

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