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WORDS L1,L2,<n> 
splits the text on edit lines L1-L2 so that each line consists of
<n> words. On the last line the number of words may be less than <n>.

counts the number of words etc. on lines L1,L2 so that the results
will be displayed on the command line in the form
WORDS L1,L2 // #words=xx #chars=xx (#letters,#digits,#punct,#special)
where #punct is the number of punctuation characters (.,;: etc.).
A system file CHARTYPE.BIN classifies characters to above categories.

In the latter form a more extensive summary of the text by words
can be made by entering a SAVE=<text_file_name> specification.
Then a new text file contains the words and their lengths as lines.
The summary may be extended by giving CHARS=xyz...
where xyz... is a list of characters to be counted for each word.
The first line of the text file gives labels of the variables in the form
word   len x y z . . .

The characters may be filtered by FILTER=<file.BIN>.
For example, FILTER=LOWCASE.BIN maps upper case letters to lower case
and preserves non-letter charaters while FILTER=LETTERS.BIN does the
same thing but replaces non-letter characters by a space.

See also CHARS?

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