SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

FIND <word>~
finds a word that best resembles the given word. (Example: FIND Survo~)
The search is started from the edit line below the current line.
Exact matches are not recognized since those are found by FIND <word> 
(without a tilde '~' after the word).
The best word is found by scanning all the words (separated by blanks)
and selecting the one having the smallest Levenshtein (edit) distance
to the given word.
After the search the cursor is pointing at the best word. The search
henceforth may be continued by pressing the 'N' key. It is interrupted
by ENTER. At any stage the value of Levenshtein distance is
displayed in the form d=<distance>. If d exceeds the length of <word>,
the original starting position of the FIND command is resumed.
FIND <word>~~
works similarly but comparison of words is case-insensitive.

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