SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

When EDITOR is in use, all information (text, data, results and
operations) is represented in an edit field which consists, for
example, of 100 columns and 1000 rows (lines). On the left side of
the field the line numbers and a control column (originally filled
with asterisks *) are displayed.
The edit field is always partially visible on the CRT which is like
a window to the field. The user can scroll text on the screen to any
direction by the arrow keys and by the PREV and NEXT keys.

The size of the field may be altered by a REDIM operation.
the contents of the field is saved in an edit file by a SAVE oper-
ation and the edit file is reloaded to the field by a LOAD operation.
Also several fields or parts of them as well those of any text files
can be combined by a SHOW operation.

Selected lines of the edit field are printed on the paper by a PRINT
operation. PRINT has also an extended form permitting printing of
parts of several edit files in any order as an entire document
which is automatically divided into pages, etc.
  C = information on control column 
  P = system parameters of Survo 
  S = Shadows (colors and display effects) 
  D = Display-off mode 
  A = Automatic saving of the current edit field 
  E = more information on Survo 

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