SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

Survo is an integrated system for statistical analysis, computing,
data base management, graphics, desktop publishing, etc.
Through its unique editorial interface, Survo forms a general
environment for many kinds of applications.
Technically, Survo is a collection of C programs (modules) with a common
interface established by the Survo Editor, a general text editor.
During a Survo session the editor calls Survo modules automatically
according to the user's activations. The user has no need to know
how the programs are linked together. He/she sees Survo as one
integrated environment.
Currently Survo includes over 100 C programs (.EXE files) and
hundreds of other system files. All these files are located in one
directory <Survo> and in its subdirectories.
Typically <Survo>=C:\PROGRA~1\SURVO.

The originator and main author of Survo is prof. Seppo Mustonen, PhD.
E-mail: seppo.mustonen(at)

  E = more information on the Survo Editor

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