Olli Mustonen: Quatrille & 6 Bagatelles for solo violin

The score of these compositions (1980) can be viewed but not copied or printed.
Three last three pages contain additional information about the typesetting procedure (in Finnish and English).

Sheet copies of this music may be ordered from the current publisher
Fennica Gehrman Oy, Helsinki, Finland

Idea of editorial approach

About the history of music notation software

In the History section of the Wikipedia article Scorewriter it is told:

The rapid growth of desktop computers in the 1980s caused the creation of dozens of early scorewriters during that decade (see List of scorewriters). However, during the 1990s many of these fell into disuse.

By 2000 the market was dominated by Finale (particularly in the US), and to a lesser extent Sibelius (which had dominated the UK since 1993, and had expanded worldwide since its Windows release in 1998). In Germany and other central-european countries, capella maintained an important share of the market. Unlike many earlier programs, both of these offered a wide range of sophisticated features, making them suitable for almost all kinds of music and for professional publishing.

In the early 2000s, worldwide sales of Sibelius overtook Finale (according to Sibelius Software). Sibelius and Finale still dominate the market today.

The first version of Sibelius was available in 1986 and that of Finale in 1988.

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