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On PostScript printers the characters in the control column have
following functions in the PRINT operation:
   -   a control line of control words in brackets [] and/or PostScript code.
   /   start of a new page
   (   conditional start of a new page. If the chapter or the table
       ending to a line with a ')' in the control column does not fit
       in the current page (by using current line spacing), a new page
       is started.
   T   tab line indicating positions of columns (See PSPRO?)
   U   suppresses temporarily the effect of a 'T' line and trimming.
   C   line is to be centered according to current line width set by
       a - [trim()] control word.
   R   text to be moved to the right end of the line
   r   as R, but only for odd-numbered pages.
   V   extends the line to full width set by - [trim()].

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Characters in the control column (continued)
   <   start of first column in multiple column text output
   =   start of next column
   >   start of last column
   &   followed by an integer n, outputs n empty lines.
   %   followed by number x, moves next line down by extra x dmm.

  P = More information on PostScript printing/plotting 

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