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The PS.DEV driver in the <Survo>\U\SYS directory defines all the control
words available for printing and plotting on PostScript printers.
Thus all control words in brackets (like [LANDSCAPE] for 90 degree
rotation) are defined in the beginning of PS.DEV by using other
control words or directly in PostScript code. At the end of this
driver all the PostScript words and programs needed are listed.

You can view this driver by SHOW <Survo>\U\SYS\PS.DEV or print it on paper
(provided that your Survo installation includes the PostScript option)
 11 *PRINT 12,13
 12 - [Courier(8)][line_spacing(8)]
 13 - text <Survo>\U\SYS\PS.DEV

Supplementary PostScript drivers (to be used in connection with PS.DEV)
GCHAR.DV2    for graphic characters (drawing boxes around the text),
MATH.DV2     for mathematical symbols,
PSFONTS.DV2  for additional PostScript fonts.

  P = More information on PostScript printing/plotting 

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