SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

F1 codes:

F1 F1: Enter the Help system of Survo

F1 O:
When the cursor touches a pathname of a file, this file is opened
by a program associated in Windows to that file type.

F1 L:
lists the characters used in the control column of the current
edit field in alphabetic order. The characters will appear on a new
line inserted below the current edit line.
This facility helps in finding free characters for row labels.

F1 V:
When the cursor indicates a word which is a name of a variable in
the current active Survo data file, F1 V displays the extended form
of the name on the message line until ENTER is pressed or at most
for 10 seconds.

F1 codes (continued);

F1 #:
creates a fence structure for a command when the cursor is in the first
position of the command line and the command starts from that position.

F1 J:
is a generalization of F2 J.
It continues a phrase typed as first words on an edit line.

F1 <arrow_key>:
moves the cursor in the current edit field to
the last column in use (F1 RIGHT), the first column (F1 LEFT),
the last line (F1 DOWN), the first line (F1 UP).

F1 codes (continued);

F1 A    starts the Survopoint display mode and
F1 a    interrupts that mode

This mode enables displaying variable lines either systematically or
randomly on selected places in the main window of Survo.

  1 = More about F1 codes 
  2 = More about Survoint display mode 

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